Portucel Soporcel Group is now “The NAVIGATOR Company”

8 March, 2016



As part of the significant investment in the expansion and internationalization of its production activities, the “Portucel Soporcel Group” has taken the decision to change its corporate brand to “The NAVIGATOR Company”. This new corporate brand, represents a union of companies with over 60 years of history,  and presents a more modern and appealing image for one of the largest Portuguese multinational groups.


There was a need to move towards a new, common brand to further unify the group. The Navigator product brand is a case of unequalled success. Created in Portugal, it took the world by storm and has become a market leader for its quality, innovation, strength and success.  Navigator has all the attributes that we wanted to pass on to the corporate brand. “, states Joana Seixas, The Navigator Company Head of Corporate Communications.


Now the group is The NAVIGATOR Company with a role to play stretching far beyond paper. The new three-dimensional logo is based on the Armillary sphere representing Portugal and the world at the same time. It is from this sphere that the letters of the new tailor-made font can be drawn, creating an exclusive typography for The NAVIGATOR Company. The stylized N, which stands out in the logo is very much the icon of this code. Now it is time to forge new paths in the certainty that they will be as reliable as our products.