Pulp and Paper Sector is a net exporter sector



The pulp and paper sector activity contributed strongly to the growth of the Portuguese economy, since we are talking about a net exporter sector, which means, exports are stronger than imports. Actually, in 2010 the sector presented an import rate of 41%, contributing in a very positive way for the Balance of Payments.

According to the international commerce statistics of INE, the cellulose pulps and paper contributed greatly to the global raise of the output of goods, with +605,4 millions of euros (Annual rate of Change of + 40.7 per cent), which determined the rise of cellulose pulp and paper from  12th in 2009 to 7th principal products group in 2010 (weight of 5,7%, + 1p.p compared to 2009)

In desegregated terms and, also according to INE, concerning to all products, the second biggest growth was registered in the uncoated paper and paperboard, of a kind used for writing, printing and other graphic purposes (NC 4802), which originates the raising of these kind of products from the 13rd principal product in 2009 to the 6th in 2010, with a weight of 2,2% (+1 p.p. compared to 2009).
The main destinations of pulp and paper sales are the Community countries. For national pulp sales are Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy and France and for the sales of paper and paperboard produced in Portugal are Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom.
It is visible the positive evolution in the balance of the cellulose pulp and paper trade, which correspond to the second biggest relief observed in 2010, becoming the 3rd products group with a more favorable balance to Portugal, numbering 757, 2 millions of euros (+541,7 millions of euros comparing to 2009), having superseded wood, cork and clothing.
In a more desegregated way, it is verified that uncoated paper and paperboard, of a kind used for writing, printing and other graphic purposes (NC 4802) rose to the 4th position (balance of 730, 7 millions of euros) in 2010 concerning to a good balance to our country.